Meet Us Online!

SUNDAY SERVICE: On Sundays at 10:30am, we meet online for our worship service:


This meeting room works with interactive audio and video and supports up to 50 participants per meeting. We open it already at 10am to allow attendees to fix potential technical issues before we start the service on time. So please be there before 10:30am!


INTERNET DEVICE: The best way to join is either with a bidirectional audio/video capable device:

  • PC or laptop with a webcam, and micro / speakers (or headset)
  • Tablet or smartphone (has microphone / camera / speaker onboard)

CLOSED MIC POLICY: In the room, please disable your microphone first by clicking the "MIC" button at the bottom of the browser window. In online meetings, open microphones can easily cause lots of noise for all participants. Open it, whenever you want to speak (and close it again afterwards). Over time, it will become very natural for everybody to apply to this very helpful policy.


CHAT IN CASE OF TROUBLE: Please use the text based chat function (opened by clicking the "CHAT" button at the bottom of the browser window) to communicate with the meeting host. This is especially helpful if you don't hear or see anybody else in the room - or if the others can't hear you speaking with an open microphone.


SOFTWARE NEEDED: You don't need to install any software to join, just use a recent internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, .... When entering the room, you will be asked to give the browser permissions to use your microphone and camera. Please grant these (and enable the right microphone or camera if you have more than oneon your system). With Android / iOS, you may need to give your browser access to the microphone and camera in the system settings first.


WHERE TO GET HELP: If you need help, please have a look at whereby's support center: If you need further help, please email to meet-online (at) (and allow some time to respond).


See you online on Sunday!